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Sparki replied to the topic ''White Doves' Out 26th Aug 2016' in the forum. 16 hours 47 minutes ago
dj jedi replied to the topic 'Mega City 2 - Nightwalker / Amazon Repress' in the forum. 17 hours 10 minutes ago

Now in stock! Only about 20 left so be quick:



orko replied to the topic 'Are we living in the past?' in the forum. 17 hours 25 minutes ago

dj jedi wrote:

Facebook groups have really got people talking again like the forums used to. It hasn't been this alive since 2002 IMO.

Ohh please share what Facebook groups you on mate :)


Richruffcut replied to the topic 'Technosaurus e.p' in the forum. yesterday

yeah ive got the plain white copy. Mines got a mirror stamp on it from the pressing plant.......accora sound productions! Its some jazz label


Has yours got any mirror print on it


No, but I've just made the grey a darker grey which should make it easier to read. I'm looking at a dark theme again at the moment, but looks a bit crap on a 4:3 monitor.


Matt Clarke replied to the topic 'Tapatalk' in the forum. yesterday

Apparently there isn't a working plugin yet for the latest version of the forum software that was updated the other week. Others have reported to Tapatalk, but don't seem to be getting much luck in their forunms.


lixx replied to the topic 'Are we living in the past?' in the forum. yesterday

Well if when we were in the past this music was presented as being "the future" I'd say more like we've caught up to it lol!

Seriously though it's not that we are living in the past, it's pretty much this music was the last great musical underground movement (fuck dub step it was shit) before music on a whole became a full on watered down commodity with crossovers etc.

Not to slag off youths today but they would not know good music if it rounded a corner and punch them dead in the face. I worked on a geological team all summer and my other three team members were all 21-22. In the long car rides music was an ongoing topic. One of them 'knew' what drum n bass was but it was only from going to dance music festivals and still they did not know what oldskool was. Other than that strictly radio and spotify and whatever commerical garbage was out there.

Big problem? No one seeks out music anymore. I mean really seeks out good underground music. Corporate radio/commerical music controls all avenues of delivery and can promote whatever watered down crap they like and people feed off it like it was the next coming but we all know better.


Wasn't sure where to post this but I really don't liek the layout of the new board. The background is white and the words are really light grey. I can barely make anything out. I've gone through all my setting and can't find a layout option. Is there any way to change this?


Ric replied to the topic 'Technosaurus e.p' in the forum. yesterday

Yes mate. Amazing track.


Ric replied to the topic 'Are we living in the past?' in the forum. yesterday

I've got right into this stuff. Featurecast being one of the most prolific producers. Amazing how much life he gets out of 110bpm, and enviable production skills. It's breaks with funk and all sorts of good bass noises :)

Here's a selection by him. See what you think.
If you want to skip forward to the good bits...
Skip to 55 secs. Love the twisted bass on this.

Skip to 1:10. Bit ravey.

And here's he stepped-up Public Enemy - Harder then you think.


silky replied to the topic 'Technosaurus e.p' in the forum. yesterday

Yep I do, mine is just a plain white label. Great track, reminds me of DJ Seduction! :D


Richruffcut replied to the topic 'Are we living in the past?' in the forum. 2 days ago

I'm stuck in the past when it comes to dance music.


Richruffcut created a new topic ' Technosaurus e.p' in the forum. 2 days ago

Forgot how good this was till i gave it a spin tonight. Anyone else have a treasured copy




Ian Saunders replied to the topic 'top buzz - Mikee B' in the forum. 2 days ago

What did Jason Kaye & Mikee B fall out about?


I wonder what forum Chris joined? Obviously not here as no file sharing.


Nice one, you're right! So we were only half ripped off :lol:


Mystery solved near the back of Mark Archers new book.

Butler is Altern8's MC, he's been with them since they started doing PAs. He didn't make the music though, that was Mark Archer and Chris Peat.

Looks like your bloke on the left to me..


dj jedi created a new topic ' DJ Jedi "Beautifully Crafted Jungle" Guest Mix' in the forum. 2 days ago

I have made the latest guest mix for the BCJ Facebook group. 93-95 jungle and hardcore. Here's the track listing:

Fast Floor - 7th Heaven
Mad Dog - Monged Out
Sound Of The Future - Future Funk (Remix)
Detox & The Mighty Atom - Waterworks! (Jedi Remix)
Natural Instinct ‎– Nyabinghi
A One Sound ‎– The Tip Off
Kid Twist - Champion Sound
Harmony & Xtreme - Temple Of Doom
The Bombsqaud - Freebase
Ironik - The Calling
DJ Phantasy - Atmosphere (Remix)
Ride C - Jungle Pressure
Funky Technicians - You Gotta Believe
Tom & Jerry - On & On
Splash - Babylon (DJ Trace Remix Part II)
Revert Project - Luminous
DJ Flame & Sub Terra - Extreme Caution



strongforce replied to the topic 'Fozbee & Cooz / Matchstick Man double pack' in the forum. 2 days ago

Already have the Groovin release, and not overly mad about the other tracks on this pack, although will support the cause for sure...............and top work.

Would love to have represses of these although understand there are licensing issues......hopefully these can be worked around though.